We Are Again Divided!

Saturday, August 28 2021

To anyone with eyes and ears that are operational and who have a functioning brain, you cannot deny that we are now a people divided. This is a global phenomenon this time. This is not isolated to a couple of countries having local disputes over labor laws or religious violations. This is a world-wide threat that is so far looking as if it can dismantle humanity if it keeps on festering. Today, I will be focusing primarily on the problems in America. Although these apply globally.  We are at war. Though, bullets and bombs haven't been used....yet. And unfortunately, I don't see us getting out of this one without violence, which is an awful situation for us to be in. I pray every day that I am utterly wrong and full of crap. But the fact is, the line has been drawn. It is now free people against tyrants. And citizens against willing slaves. Let me make this very clear: I am in no way advocating for violence of any kind. In fact, I cringe whenever I hear someone else do such a thing.  Anyway, I am hopeful beyond hope that this situation some way, somehow, de-escalates before what is likely to happen, happens. Lord willing, people on both "sides" become tired of the hype and calm the heck down! But we aren't there. Like I said, I fear this will erupt.

     But who is explicit in this divide? Some will blame Donald Trump. After all, according to the opposition, he has all along been a white supremacist. Some will blame white people as a whole and especially conservatives. This is because, according to them,  we are all white supremacists and terrorists and therefore deserve to be attacked.  Some want to blame the entire Republican party. I mean, I kind of get that. The Republicans in my experience are a bunch of douches too. But I can't blame them all myself. In fact, to just simply point the finger at the former President, an entire race, or an entire opponent party is shallow at best, desperately cowardly at worst. At least while those doing the pointing are they themselves committing massive acts of violence and crime in the name of hatred for anyone who opposes their belief system. But regardless of this hypocrisy, the divide did not just happen organically. The culprit, is the MEDIA! Deep down, we all know it.

     The media had already established a political bias before the recent events. They became strict supporters of extreme leftist ideology. This quickly evolved into the communist propaganda machine they have now become. And in doing so, strengthened the divide that had already been fostered and nurtured by activists posing as politicians. People who blindly subscribe to their touting, have been doing their bidding and will never stop believing whatever they are instructed to believe. While people who are naturally skeptical, became "the enemy". This latter group then began facing a global smear campaign by the MSM. Everyone from simple weekend bloggers to those with prestigious degrees have been attacked and degraded on a regular basis, just for questioning the "official narrative". People have been fired from their jobs, their bank accounts locked, been placed on a no fly list, and some even arrested. All because the Media painted their opponents as dissidents, which soon filtered down into making them out to be outright criminals or enemies of the state.

     But they don't stop there. In fact, the media lies are becoming more lazy, but more widespread. Such a large segment of the population have been indoctrinated into their worldview, that less effort is required on the media's part to push the ideology. We are facing a continuation of the divide, while seeing daily reports of downright lies being presented. Things like recycled pictures used to represent new stories. And when agencies are seen openly editing and cutting footage in such a way as to misrepresent the outcome. And they don't even try to hide it anymore. Then there are the cherry picked "experts" who are willing to participate in an interview in order to push the agenda. At the same time, these said "experts" are not qualified at all. A veterinarian, for instance, being paneled on CNN's expert board for Covid vaccine propaganda. Or a former terrorist speaking on late night tv about how bad the January 6th "rioters" were. This should be obvious, and there should be pushback. But the constant brainwashing and propaganda worked too well. They knew what they were doing. Now, those of us who ask questions are "conspiracy theorists", or spreading "dangerous misinformation" according to these media demons. And of course, their brain-mushed followers believe it. Because they are instructed to. This willingness to believe and obey has pushed the divide to the next level.

An example of the dishonest main stream media recycling photos

Recently, the media has been promoting imprisonment, fines, and in some cases, outright violence to be committed against those who will not comply with their agenda. For instance, a certain Senator from California made a public statement that unvaccinated people should face the death penalty. The media was quick to share that information, knowing that it's worshipers would be inspired. Washed up has-been actor Sean Penn made statements promoting violence against the unvaccinated on an MSM interview. The media praised him. A school teacher was recorded verbally berating and threatening violence against young kids in a middle school for having parents who voted for Trump. And again, the media praised her as some kind of hero. And let us not forget the positive coverage they gave to Alexandria Cortez when she claimed it was time to "radicalize and take to the streets". And later when she publicly stated that all Trump voters should be sent to "rehabilitation camps", CNN ran a story with their panel actually discussing that scenario in an extremely positive light.

So you see, the media is the biggest reason for the divide in our country. If you want to summarize everything they have promoted over the last couple of years, it looks something like this:

And so, the media demonizes one set of ideologies, and inspires the believers of the opposite belief system to think of their opponents as less human. Once someone is seen as less human, they are easier to attack or "punish" without feeling bad about it. But the dividers also realize there are many of us who will not budge. We are solid in our beliefs, while the media slaves are heavily indoctrinated into theirs. This has created this powder keg. And the media absolutely loves it!

There used to be a time in most areas of society, that people could have political or social disagreements without resorting to threats of violence or actual terrible acts themselves. Those times are gone. All thanks to the escalation solely brought on by the evil, demonic media. And I doubt there will ever be any accountability, outside of Nuremberg II.

Things are about to get very ugly, I believe. As far as what to do about it: I have no answers. Prepare to defend yourselves while praying for a miracle is my only advice. Good luck! Oh, and before I go, the media collaborators in certain Communist-funded government agencies want to play too. It appears that the Ministry of Truth has been working overtime:

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