How to set your Facebook albums with restrictions

This tutorial will demonstrate how to restrict your Facebook albums and who is able to view them. This version covers Desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux) only, as there are some slight differences with the app.

First, go to your personal Facebook page and click on the 'Photos' tab.

Click on 'Albums'

Click on the large box above 'Create Album'

Upload your pictures by clicking "upload Photos or Videos" and then selecting the items you want in the album from their location (Desktop, Photos folder, etc)

After your pictures are selected, underneath  'Create Album', click on the 'Friends' tab with the icon

This will bring you to the "Select Audience" feature. There are several options. We will use "Friends Except". Select it and click 'Next'.

Forgive my poor art abilities. But the yellow circles would represent a friend's profile picture. All of your friends will be listed here. Select which friends you do not want to see your album. When their name is clicked, the icon to the right will turn red, and their name will appear at the bottom under "friends who won't see your post". Click 'Save Changes' when done.

You will now be returned to the 'Select Audience' screen. The names of the friends selected who will not see the post will be listed beside the 'Friends except' tab as well as the 'Custom' tab. If it looks good, click 'Done'.

You will now be taken back to the 'Create Album' page. Below 'Create Album', the 'Custom' icon should be shown. Like the previous page, it looks like a cog wheel. Here, you can give your album a name too if you wish. Then at the bottom of the screen, click 'Post' when you are done.

Go back to your 'Photos' page and look at the album. Make sure that the Cog symbol (meaning custom setting) is there under your album title. If it is, then all is well. And your album will not be shown to those you chose not to show it to. If the icon is not there, or the icon is showing that it is being shared with all friends, then something was likely not saved at the correct point. The easiest way to fix that is to backtrack and try again. Sometimes you can "force" the audience to change even after the album is posted by trying over again. This usually takes several attempts before you can finally save it.