Why do American Communists want a Civil War?

(For the purpose of this article, 'communist' = 'leftist'. Because, well, pretty much all leftists are full-fledged commies!)

July 14, 2022

Group of fairies posing with airsoft guns, because they are retarded.

(This is just a hypothetical rant. I do NOT believe we are going to engage a bunch of soy boys in actual battle)

Before I go on, the picture above is actually depicting some weak little soy addicts with airsoft. This picture was viral a while back, and people thought that these weaklings were carrying real firearms as a statement to right wing militias. But if you zoom in to the pathetic little boy in the blue shirt and the lard butt on the left, you can see the fused receivers, aka plastic molded receivers for toy guns. These are in fact airsoft guns. But hey, at least they are wearing those super cute red scarfs. How lovely! 

Communists have been known to be violent aggressors. Especially in recent years. And many have also been aggressively calling for a civil war. That's not a figure of speech, or some generational lingo. These mutants actually think they should initiate an actual Civil War. With people actually shooting at each other with real munitions. What's worse is the fact that they are envisioning such a conflict where they would just walk all over their opposition, killing every one of them. Ummmmmm, I don't think so. First off, they have this going against them:

1. The veterans are not on their side! Most combat veterans like myself tend to lean well away from the "left side" of pretty much all issues. Ranks of a Conservative resistance, Patriot group, or militia, are going to be full of people with actual real-life combat experience. While most communists in this country have no combat or military experience at all.

2. They cannot live without being coddled! Communists are so dependent on everything being given to them, that they would likely give up the second something became inconvenient to attain. But the opposition is largely comprised of people who know how to take care of themselves and their families. In other words, we can live just fine without our phones being charged or a Starbucks to feed us soy lattes. 

3. They know virtually nothing about guns! Real firearms would have to be used. Actual rounds sent effectively down range would have to be a thing. However, not many communists in this country are well-versed in maintaining or using a weapon. In fact, most of them are very anti-gun. I do not know how an inferior force of communist kids who have never fired a weapon expect to defeat seasoned veterans and hunters on an actual battlefield. But, they persist in claiming they will. This could be a larping mindset I guess. At the very least, this type of thinking is a fantasy. A fantasy stemmed from their outlook on reality. Communists are not right in the head. No logic. No real grasp on the mechanics of anything. No ability to think things through.

4. They are physically weak people! There are plenty of videos online portraying physical conflicts between commies and Patriots. And in literally every one of them, the communists get the whooping of their lives. Even in many situations where the Marxist douche bags outnumber their intended target. This is likely due to the fact that they are malnourished. One cannot sustain on a diet of nothing but tofu, cucumbers, and edamame. Another likely explanation for this, is the fact that communists, being dependent, are lazy. They rarely venture from Mommy's basement long enough to get any real exercise. And when they do surface, they only burn about 3 calories holding up their "kill all babies" and "I love Fauci" signs. These people actually think they can fight a foe who obviously possesses far superior strength to them.

5. They are mentally weak! Words hurt them! My final point for today (even though there are a million more), is this: If these communists get so enraged and hurt over mere words, how do they expect to defeat an aggressive and seasoned enemy? Seriously. And not just any enemy. An enemy who is coming to physically take their lives. How do they expect to fight and win a physical conflict, if the conflict of 'using the wrong pronoun' brings them to tears? Literal, actual tears. We have all seen it. Would they be thinking this in a firefight?: "Never mind that someone may be laying down grazing fire on us with AR-15's. After all, someone said something mean about a transgendered athlete. The horror!!!". These people are seriously deranged.

My final thoughts:

I do not actually believe that we are going to take to the streets, weapons blazing to take out communist rioters should the US devolve into civil violence. But the leftists believe it. In my personal opinion, if this does keep progressing into a real physical conflict, the last thing on our minds will be assaulting communists in some activism staging area or something. People will be far too busy attempting to survive than to worry about some Antifa larpers. The more likely scenario would be much more confusing and dangerous. And yes, I could see some small skirmishes or occasional "turf fight" type things going on, should society collapse. But as far as the Patriot Vs Communist, I doubt it. So why did I write this? Just thinking. And I am bored. I do that often...get bored and write stuff. Anyway, I'm back online. So I'll be writing about more stuff whenever I get bored. Later, homeslices!


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