Attack of the Enslaved Sheep

Thursday, September 23, 2021

The rhetoric of the proudly enslaved cult bleaters is now expanded to calling for violence on a massive scale. It began with Leftist activists posing as reporters, then expanded to politicians, and then washed up celebrities. And, knowing that commie sheep will do the bidding of these people since they are incapable of thinking anything other than what they are instructed to, its happening. We are seeing more public screaming matches, more threats, and yes, incidents of outright violence committed against those of us who refuse to get the toxic "vaccine" which doesn't vaccinate. Watch your backs out there. Remember, the unholy covid cult and it's minions of followers want you dead. Seriously. Physically killed. I am not even trying to be funny. We need to be prepared as much as possible. This thing, whatever it is, has escalated to the point that we need to prioritize a defensive posture in everything we do. Every time you leave your home, and even while at home, you need to be equipped to defend yourselves, your communities, and families.

But it isn't just the call for violence that has taken on a more sinister reality. The very act of virtue signaling has inflated well beyond anything we could have imagined even last year. Again, these sheep are being instructed on how to go about their arrogant rantings by activist media types such as Don Lemon. On a recent CNN broadcast, Donnie exclaimed that his enslaved legion of serfs are to start "shaming the unvaxxed" on a massive scale. A certain celebrity whom I will not name here except to say his initials are HS, chimed in on this as well. But his take was even more extreme than the black supremacist Lemon's. This particular famous junkie claims


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