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Notice: The term "lefty" or "leftist" can no longer apply to an actual liberal in the true sense of the word. I do not agree with much that a true liberal believes. But we can always agree on things like freedom of speech and each other's basic rights remaining intact, even though we don't see eye to eye. The liberal movement has been heavily infiltrated though. And sadly, the former leftist ideology is no longer majority liberal at all. It has morphed into something else. Something dark and evil. The people who have taken over the liberal movement, and their upper hierarchy known as the Democrat party, have one thing on their mind: Destroy everything that once was. So when I refer to someone as a 'lefty', I am not talking about a true Liberal. A true liberal is almost always willing to have a conversation about our differences. While the new leftist wishes to kill us (literally) for having differences.

#1: Grooming

After leftist organizations like Disney and several communist school boards across the nation were basically handed their orders to stop grooming children, they began throwing a fit. Some quit, while many more openly protested. Some claimed that the accusation of grooming was an "insult" or "detestable". Yet, none have provided an answer to the question "If you were not grooming children, then what do you call attempting to sexualize kindergartners?", which is EXACTLY what they were attempting. This push back isn't necessarily about the left attempting to turn impressionable children into future homosexuals with their cult-like zeal. Although that is certainly a goal of the left. This push back was to simply stop sexualizing small children, period! There is literally no other reason. And this is why the left is going mad. They have no come-back. They have no excuse. Simply claiming that being called a Groomer is insulting, while at the same time insisting that they are somehow losing their freedom because we won't let them groom the kids, is insane. But this is their only "defense". And this fact speaks volumes about the left. Another very telling aspect is a recent broadcast by Communist propagandist network, CNN. Possible pedophile Brian Steltzer actually went so far as to complain about parental rights interfering with gay rights. In other words, parents who resist the grooming are now discriminatory against gays. Again, this speaks volumes. They are not even trying to hide it anymore.

#2: Ukraine

Lefties love them some Ukraine. But not because of the humanitarian issue. They love Ukraine because their gods in the media instruct them to. It gets deeper than that though. In a recent poll, people were asked what their political affiliation was and whether or not they would stand and fight if the US was invaded. Overwhelmingly, people who voted Republican or right-leaning said they would stand and fight. But leftists overwhelmingly said they would not. The majority of leftists actually said they would flee the country. The same leftists who are screaming for military intervention in Ukraine, who are begging that we send weapons and money to the Ukrainian people so they can repel the invasion, and even those who openly claim they themselves would charter a flight to go fight, are also among the same group of people who would openly refuse to do anything should we become an invasion target. As far as the idea of some leftists going to Ukraine to fight: in all honesty, it would be funny watching some 50 pound soy boy with purple hair carrying a purse attempt to fight against Russian troops. I would almost pay to see that.

#3: Gun Control

You gotta love the push to take guns away. But no guns are to be stripped from G Dogg Hoopity or O Money Peanut Head. Of course lefties never mention anything at all about doing something with inner-city gun crime. In fact, mention it, and you will be branded a racist-David-Duke-Nazi-Hitler. But the push to take guns away seems to be solely aimed at people who have committed the social crime of being white and non-criminal. After all, leftists do believe their thought instructions. They think that white people with an AR-15 who have never committed a crime in their lives and who work full time to raise a family are "the biggest domestic terrorist threat to this country". Joey said so. I know that is retarded. You know that is retarded. And anyone not in the leftist globalist cult can plainly see that the lack of logic is totally retarded. Yet the leftists keep pushing. I almost feel sorry for the poor little things. Wait a minute...no I don't. Never mind.

#4: Leftists Love Stockholm Syndrome!

Leftists love to be compliant. They crave it. They almost can't live without it. Why? Virtue signaling of course! The common lefty loves the idea that we have a government which used covid as an excuse for tyranny. Because as long as they can be compliant while you aren't obeying, they can feel virtuously superior. They believe that they have power over someone. They can run to the government and tattle if someone isn't obeying. They can "get them in trouble" and feel that rush of pride. But now that things have slightly eased, they don't know what to do. These people actually want another disaster. They cannot stand the fact that most dictators have backed off. Talk to one. Bring it up. If you can understand their muffled voice behind their 5 masks, they'll tell you. But don't get too close. These proud slaves already brag about how they are never going to give up masks or social distancing. They will say things like "I hope another covid outbreak comes and kills you maskless people". I have actually been told this. Strange that I have been maskless and "vaccine"-less this whole time. In reality, there are millions of us who should be dead according to lefty logic. But, we're still here! WEIRD!

#5: The Mark of the Beast

I am not as well-versed in scripture as I should be. I'm working on it. But it seems to me that when the mark comes, the average leftist will be super happy. They will be the first ones in line to get their microchip injected in their hand or forehead. That technology is already being tested. And the Biden-voting test subjects smile ear to ear as its being done. Just the very fact that they see complete state control over us as morally righteous gives it away. They loved the covid lockdowns and demonized anyone who questioned anything. They are almost 100% for replacing money with global cryptocurrency. They can't wait for a social credit score to roll out. They love the idea of the 2030 Great Reset and "owning nothing but being happy" crap. They want universal income while they are living in their pods in the inner cities. I could go on and on. But the point is, leftists want complete government control over every aspect of their existence. And they hate those who don't. They hate people who want to be independent and successful. So, when the Anti-christ arrives (if he isn't already here) and the mark of the beast is initiated, they will be trampling each other to be the first in line. They are already proving that.

Okay, I need to stop there. I could go on forever, as the lefties suck so bad that there would be endless material. But I have stuff to do. I'll leave a comment section below. Later homeslices!

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