A Warning From Israel
Thursday August 5 2021

There is no need for me to interject anything here. The witness statement speaks for itself:

"I hope you've been well?

Its been very, very, very intense over here in Israel.

I don't know how much you're seeing, but its terrible!

Its a very, very, very, very frightening situation!

So I joined a brand new...We had a human rights movement. And we made it into a political party.

That's running in our Knesset in less than a month.

And they are censoring us and attacking us.

And they won't allow any...any media, nothing.

They took away the head of the party's medical license.

And they removed our platforms from Facebook.

And now they won't let the media even write about us.

So we want to ask all the international, all we can get, to get to publicize what we are saying.

Its a very bad situation here.

They're not letting children as young as 16 to take their matriculation exams without taking this injection.

They are, of course, insisting people for work.

They're making this Green Passport where half the people cannot go into theaters or malls or all sorts of things unless they've taken the vaccination.

They are creating a medical apartheid.

They have now issued just this morning.

They've made it that they're allowed to send each person's private medical records to the local municipality so they will know who's taken the injection or not.

They're making people wear an ankle bracelet, a security bracelet when they come back from traveling.

It's absolutely insane!

Absolutely insane.

If I don't...if I stop to...if I stop to think about it, I'll cry, you know?

But we just keep fighting, you know? Fighting as much as we can.

So we need everybody's help.

Because whatever happens here will happen everywhere.

It will happen everywhere.

So we're fighting for ourselves. And we are fighting for the whole world.

But we need help. We need every hand on deck.

Yeah, thank you.

Excuse me.

Its intense, you know?"

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